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How about burning fats instead of fuel?

Now a days there is a big problem of air pollution; so our motto should be one and only one as given below,

"Go Green Combustion To Conservation"

Many of us have a big question of as to how many more years of fuel do we have left which we use mainly for transportation that is why here is the chill-pill. So, here we present the Eco Green Vehicles. To promote diversity of these life friendly transport system we are organizing an event, a challenge against the evil of pollution. Human-powered transport is often the only type available in underdeveloped or inaccessible parts of the world, and if well designed, can be an increasingly viable form of sustainable transportation. Everyone is invited to participate in this stand we proudly call - Eco Green Vehicles challenge. Here, everybody can be a green engineer, a designer thus, a challenger. This eco friendly event, organized by L.D. College of Engineering which is held for undergraduate students aimed to design, simulate and fabricate a highly efficient human powered vehicle that is aerodynamic and ergonomically stable and eco friendly. In this event, a design event, a drag race, and endurance are included. The purpose for the initiation of such an event can be accounted to provide an opportunity for engineering students to set up a trend of using eco-friendly vehicles in India and pioneering the creation of innovative designs. This event will improve the ideas for saving the environment and also provide an ideal platform at national level. EGVC-is all about innovations and engineer skills of future engineering. We have laid down the founding stone of this rebellious against pollution. Be the one to leave the treasure of a clean and green planet for our forth coming generations. Let's shut down all engines; and let conserve and not combust. Showcase your talent here in the innovative event and win exciting prizes.Register Now

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